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Choose the version of Wall Worm that best suits you. Wall Worm is the industry-leading solution for your 3ds Max and Source Engine Pipeline.

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Export your 3ds Max scene directly into the Source Engine. Exports VMF, RMF and MAP formats.
Import VMF, RMF and MAP files into 3ds Max.
Export TGA and PSD from Max into VTF files.
Export arbitrary texture maps in 3ds Max into VTF, including procedural textures, Substance Maps, OSL Maps and wide range of image formats. Control most VTF settings directly from material editor.
View VTF files natively in the 3ds Max viewport. No need to convert VTF into TGA.
Import MDL, QC, SMD, VTA model files directly into 3ds Max. MDL Importer requires 3ds Max 2015+ (and some features require 3ds Max 2018.4+).
Export models from 3ds Max directly into the Source Game Engine. Can export QC, SMD, VTA and compile to MDL.
Ability to export DMX files and wrinklemaps. Faster exporting with Explicit Normals than in free version.
Advanced Geometry Plugin for parametrically creating BSP Geometry (brushes) utilizing splines.
Geometry Plugin for parametrically creating BSP Geometry (brushes) from the surfaces of other geometry.
Parametric Arch Primitive that can export as brush geometry.
Modifier that will make non-planar quads convex, snap vertices to the world grid and make geometry cleaner for brush geometry.
Parametric spacing and cloning tool to place props along splines with simple yet powerful controls.
Plugin to generate tiling textures or sprite sheets from objects within the scene.
Added functionality for the Edit Normals Modifier to make it easier to work with explicit normals.
Geometry Class for placing overlays and decals, and utilities to generate VBSP files for some Source Engine Games.
Utility to carve objects into usable brush geometry by using other objects.
Geometry Plugin, special custom attributes and utilities for creating rocks.
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