• Wall Worm Free

Wall Worm Free is the free version of Wall Worm classically referred to as Wall Worm Model Tools. For complete documentation, see the Wall Worm Development and Docs website.

Wall Worm Free has been used by thousands of game designers for many years. If you want to start your journey into the Source Game Engine, this is your starting point. For advanced and faster tools, look into Wall Worm Pro.

Please Note: You can download this free tool in the Download Tab on this page. You do not need to create an account on the store to get the free downloads.

Rocky No
Sky Writer Yes
Source Model Yes
CorVex No
ShellVex No
Arch No
Minimum Version of 3ds Max Official support for 3ds Max 2017+. May also work in 3ds Max 2010+ but no longer tested in older versions.
Fast SMD Exporter No
Fast VMF Exporter No
RMF Exporter Yes
VMF Exporter Yes
VTA Exporter Yes
Wrinklemaps No
DMX Exporter No
SMD Exporter Yes
Extended VTF Export No
Map Importer Yes
MDL Importer Yes (3ds Max 2015+)
RMF Importer Yes
VMF Importer Yes
VTA Importer Yes
VTF Loader No
Border Spline Yes (3ds Max 2016.2+)
Corvex Spline No

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Wall Worm Free
Wall Worm Free
Wall Worm Free
Wall Worm Free

Wall Worm Free

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