This simple free MAXScript tool will add some functionality to Grid objects added to the scene. The following functions are added to the grid Modify tab:

  • Auto Axis changes current grid display plane based on current camera view (Max 2018+ only).
  • Auto Freeze will freeze a grid as soon as you deselect it so that you won't accidentally select it wile moving other objects.
  • Keep on World Grid will force this grid to snap its pivot to the world grid when moved.
  • Activate will toggle this object as the current active grid.
  • Move to World Grid is a one-off button to move the grid to the world.
  • Pick New Pivot lets you pick a new pivot point in the scene for the grid.
Note that this toolset is already included in Wall Worm and Wall Worm Pro (v3.241+). If you use Wall Worm, you should update WW itself and not use this standalone version.

Note that the Youtube Video linked in this page starts with a nudge toolset included in Wall Worm/Wall Worm Pro. To jump to the grid object additions, jump to 9m20s into the video.

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Advanced Grid Ops

Advanced Grid Ops

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