• Wall Worm Pro Pack

Wall Worm Pro Pack is the complete collection of Wall Worm plugins and tools to take your level design to the ultimate stage. It includes all of the following tools/plugins:

  • Wall Worm Pro
  • CorVex
  • ShellVex
  • Brushify Modifier**
  • Arch Primitive
  • Carver
  • ProPal
  • PropLine
  • Normal Tools
  • Detailer
  • Rocky

Also included:

  • Advanced Grid Ops
  • Border Spline**
  • Random Elements Modifier**
  • Auto Snap Mode
  • Slice Modifier Tools

For 3ds Max 2018.2+ (can be installed into 3ds Max 2012+ but many functions are limited unless using later versions of 3ds Max). 3ds Max 2024+ is preferred.

** These plugins only work in 3ds Max 2016 SP2+.

New Geometry Class Yes * CorVex * ShellVex * Arch * Rocky * Detailer (overlays, decals, prop_details)
Rocky Yes
Sky Writer Yes
Source Model Yes
CorVex Yes
ShellVex Yes
Arch Yes
Brush Geometry Includes CorVex, ShellVex, Arch primitives.
Minimum Version of 3ds Max Official support for 3ds Max 2017+. Recommended for 3ds Max 2020.2+. May work in older versions but not tested.
Fast SMD Exporter Yes
Fast VMF Exporter Yes
RMF Exporter Yes
VMF Exporter Yes
VTA Exporter Yes
Wrinklemaps Yes
DMX Exporter Yes
SMD Exporter Yes
Extended VTF Export Yes
Map Importer Yes
MDL Importer Yes (3ds Max 2015+)
RMF Importer Yes
VMF Importer Yes
VTA Importer Yes
VTF Loader Yes
Brushify Yes (3ds Max 2016.2+)
New Modifier Yes: * Brushify (3ds Max 2016.2+) * ChannelMod (3ds Max 2015+)
Border Spline Yes (3ds Max 2016.2+)
Corvex Spline Yes (3ds Max 2016.2+)
New Shape Class Yes: * Border Spline (3ds Max 2016.2+) * CorVex Spline (3ds Max 2016.2+)

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Installation Steps

  1. Always install the latest service pack or product update for your version of Max before installing Wall Worm. (For 3ds Max 2018+, get the updates from your Autodesk Account.)
  2. Download Wall Worm Pro Pack Installer.
  3. Execute the installer.
  4. Launch 3ds Max.
  5. Activate Wall Worm Pro by clicking Wall Worm > Wall Worm Settings and clicking the Activate WW Pro button.
  6. Paste your license key into the license key field. You can get your license key from the Licenses link on your My Account page.
  7. Click the activate button and close the activation window.
  8. Now set up Wall Worm for your game by configuring the settings. The fastest way for Source games to get many paths setup is to click the Import Game Config setting in the Global Settings floater and browse for the GameConfig.txt file in your game's bin folder. (To set up for Goldsource, see here.)
  9. Check for common problems by clicking Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Check For Problems. Turn on the Check for 3ds Max Version, WW Updates and WW Settings.
  10. Start using Wall Worm tools with the Wall Worm menu added to 3ds Max.

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Wall Worm Pro Pack

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